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deltaJot: SVG based Notes for Pocket PC

deltaJot is designed to completely replace the "Notes" application preinstalled on a Pocket PC. Its simple and intuitive user interface allows jotting down and quickly retrieving memos, often with no more than one click. Notes are saved in the well-known SVG vector file format and can be viewed with an SVG viewer or any recent browser such as the latest build of Mozilla Firefox, Opera and with the help of the Adobe SVG Viewer even Microsoft Internet Explorer.

To install, run the downloaded .cab file on your PocketPC. Note that you need the Microsoft .NET Compact Framework V1.0 (or any later version) to run deltaJot.

deltaJot is freeware and I'd love to get some feedback, so I can further improve deltaJot!


shortcut copied to start menu
deltaJot in action
viewed with an SVG Viewer
viewed in Internet Explorer

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