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deltaLock: Lock Your Pocket PC's Screen

deltaLock locks your Pocket PC's screen and buttons while it's in your pocket playing music or doing whatever would require it to stay switched on.

To lock your screen simply launch deltaLock and your screen will turn off. To unlock your screen again, press and hold down two hardware buttons. The default IDs of these buttons are 195 and 198, which correspond to the "Windows" and "OK" buttons of a HTC Blue Angel but may vary with different hardware.

deltaLock is distributed under the GPL, so you might also consider it freeware. I'd love to get some feedback, so I can further improve my program!

To install, download the binary below, extract the zip file, then run the included cab on your Pocket PC. Note that you need the Microsoft .NET Compact Framework V1.0 (or any later version) to run deltaLock.


cute shortcuts in Programs menu
deltaLock 0.05 in action
deltaLockConfig 0.05
Assigning a Button to deltaLock
old deltaLock 0.01

Things to try

Other versions

Vadim Schetinin has modified deltaLock to create a version that maps two additional buttons to adjust your Pocket PC's volume while deltaLock is running. You can find the modified version on his website or mirrored locally.

Version History and Downloads