using OpenGl;
Christoph's - deltaTimer

deltaTimer: Simple Pocket PC Countdown Timer

deltaTimer provides a simple, easy-to-use countdown timer: Set it to any time between one second and twenty-four hours and start it - the timer will count down to zero, all the time making sure the Pocket PC stays switched on (otherwise the counter would stop). Once the counter reaches 00:00:00 it will play a sound.

To set the time, click on the timer, drag the minute hand or use your Pocket PC's directional pad.

deltaTimer is distributed under the GPL, so you might also consider it freeware. I'd love to get some feedback, so I can further improve my program!

To install, download the binary below and run the included .cab file on your Pocket PC. Note that you need the Microsoft .NET Compact Framework V1.0 (or any later version) to run deltaTimer.


deltaTimer 0.04
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