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linklint2dot: Create Graphical Sitemaps


Linkcheckers are really neat tools for detecting syntactically broken links. In order to find semantically broken links, however, you would have to have something like a graphical sitemap to debug your site. I found that 'linklint', available as a Debian package, does nearly all of the job by printing human-readable lists of links on crawled pages. All I needed now was a script to convert this textual representation of a sitemap diagram to .dot format for use with dot, neato or springgraph.

That's why I wrote linklint2dot.


1. Start linklint
linklint -list -xref -forward /@ > mysite.ll
linklint -http -no_query_string -host www.mysite.example /@ -list -xref -forward > mysite.ll
2. Create the dot file
./ < mysite.ll >
3. Render the dot file
springgraph < > mysite.png
dot -Tpng -Grankdir=LR < > mysite.png


graphical sitemap
rendered with springgraph
graphical sitemap
rendered with dot
graphical sitemap
closeup of an important link